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Liberal Studies (BBA (Hons.) or B.Com. (Hons.) or BSW (Hons.) or (BA (English (Hons.) or Economics (Hons.) or Psychology (Hons.))

Course Details

Ganpat University has launched various undergraduate honours programs for students pursuing liberal studies. Program is conceived to bring societal change through education.  Program offers BBA, B. Com, BA(English/Psychology/Economics) and BSW. The courses which are taught under the programs are literature, philosophy, politics, history, law, mathematics, econometrics. The program offers unique opportunities to the students to build an international career. The program provides a platform to the student to increase intellectual growth, be more creative, and at the same time to inculcate rational thoughts. The course has a rigorous focus on study and improving different learning techniques using different modes and models. The honors curriculum, established in harmony which meets the needs of the students to engage in learning through special courses, seminars, colloquia, experiential learning opportunities, undergraduate research opportunities, or other independent-study options.

Fee and Institute

Tution Fees

₹ 80000 /- per year

Contact No.:

+91- (M) +91 94280 89692





Any student who has studied through English / Hindi / Gujarati Medium and has passed HSCE (i.e. 12th Standard) Examination in Science or General stream with English as one of the subjects from any recognized Board can join BBA (General) Program. 

Programme Outcome

  • Students will demonstrate a fundamental understanding of knowledge and methods from the Arts, Commerce, Management, Social Work, and Humanities disciplines.
  • Students will be able to make effective decisions with intellectual integrity to solve problems and/or achieve goals utilizing the skills of critical thinking, creative thinking, information literacy, and quantitative/symbolic reasoning.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate effective and efficient communication skills using all modes and media.
  • Students will apply foundational Management/Commerce/Psychology/Economics/English/Social work skills needed in real works.
  • Students will gain real-world experience through practical exposure.
  • Students will be equipped with leadership skills to serve tomorrow's corporate and social sector.


Subject Name Subject Type Subject Code Subject Credit Subject Comment Attachments
Principles of Economics.(BLS) regular 1A02POE 4 Read More
Community Services. regular 1A03CSS 4 Read More
Basic English Language open 1B04BEL 4 Read More
Fundamentals of Computer Science open 1B05FCS 2 Read More
Subject Name Subject Type Subject Code Subject Credit Subject Comment Attachments
Statistical Methods. regular 2A01STM 4 Read More
Development Economics regular 2A02DES 4 Read More
Information Technology regular 2A03ITY 4 Read More
Critical Thinking. open 2B04CTG 4 Read More
Developing Language Skills open 2B05DLS 4 Read More
Subject Name Subject Type Subject Code Subject Credit Subject Comment Attachments
Introduction to Ethics. regular 3A01ITE 4 Read More
Combinatory Logic regular 3A02CLC 4 Read More
Introduction to Research regular 3A04ITR 4 Read More
French Language open 3B05FLE 4 Read More
Business Communication. open 3B06BUC. 4 Read More
Entrepreneurship and Innovation regular 3A03ENI 4 Read More
Subject Name Subject Type Subject Code Subject Credit Subject Comment Attachments
Environmental Studies regular 4A01ENS 4 Read More
Quantitative Reasoning regular 4A02QRG 4 Read More
Introduction to Sociology regular 4A03ITS 4 Read More
Legal Awareness regular 4A04LAW 4 Read More
Academic Writing. open 4B05AWG 4 Read More
Disaster Management open 4B06DMT 4 Read More