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College has well furnished lecture halls, with attached facility of latest equipments like Comfortable Benches, Over Head Projectors, Screens, Acrylic Boards, Notice Boards, Students Corner Boards, Multi Media System, and Audio-Visuals for teaching and learning purpose. 


The College Library has a rich collection of books, periodicals and study material in the areas of Management. More than 3500 books, 68 regular National and International Journals and Magazines are available in library. There is a vast collection of Electronic Data (84 VCDs, 75 Audio-Video Cassettes etc) and Statistical Data on various Industries, and reports of reputed agencies in the public and private sector.


College has High-Tech Computer Laboratory of more than 70 PCs to develop soft skill & competence among the students. College provides excellent facilities especially with the latest computer Hardware (Flat Screen LCD Monitors), hiked up in LAN and Software configuration being offered to create better prospects and wider opportunities for the students.


College has developed a high – tech media room with Audio-Visual equipments like Television Set, VCD-DVD Players, Head Phones and Conference devices to inculcate the soft skills, personality development and over all development of the management students in context of modern dynamic demands of the market.


College has developed a Theatre Type Seminar Hall for conducting workshops, seminars, conferences, management games, presentations, and group discussions and other activities for the students. The Seminar hall is well equipped with LCD and OHP for facilitating students’ activities as a part of the academic learning.